Marbre Oriental
Marbre Oriental is manufactured by the known technology of vibro-compressure under vacuum in the form of blocks and slabs. Natural marble chunks, aggregates, dust etc., are mixed and bonded with specially formulated techno-polymer resins.The bonding with techno-polymer resins improves the properties of Marbre Oriental as compared to that of natural marble. This technology has been perfected by M/s Breton S.p.A. of Italy.

Marbre Oriental range of engineered marble has been processed on Breton machines, equipment and technology.  Marbre Oriental comprises 93% to 95% natural marble. Pigments are also added to enhance the appeal.

Marbre Oriental range of engineered marble retains the aesthetics of natural marble but with improved properties. The Marbre Oriental range allows architects and designers to achieve creative and innovative solutions to the increasing ambitious demands of clients.

Recommended Procedure for Installation

Before Installation

  » The floor surface should be scrubbed clean with PH neutral water and wiped dry so as to ensure that no dirt, dust, grime or chemical residue remains, otherwise bonding will be ineffective.
  » Blend well the cement mortar for even distribution. Well blended mortar has high structural strength and a high bonding force, so that heavy load will not damage the Marbre Oriental.

Commence Installation

  » Evenly spread cement paste on the surface; followed by spreading the well blended cement mortar to a height of 3-5 cms from the floor surface.
  » Install Marbre Oriental pre-cut tiles using a rubber hammer to ensure close bonding.
  » Align the tiles with the joints of the neighboring tile. The gap between the two tiles shall be about 0.5 to 1.5mm.
  » Allow 48 hours of setting time before sealing the joints.
  » Do not walk on the Marbre Oriental surface for at least 24 hours after installation.
  » The setting time of 48 hours, will allow the cement mortar to normally dry. The gap between the tiles will allow the effervescence to escape.
  » Joint filling: Use wet cement to fill the joints followed by dry cement.
  » The surface of Marbre Oriental should be wiped clean.

Post Installation

  » The Marbre Oriental surface should be covered by plastic sheet or corrugated board when undertaking other interior works so as to protect the Marbre Oriental surface.
  » To protect the shine of Marbre Oriental from stains and scratches, specially on heavy-traffic area like food-courts, a coating of sealant should be applied.
  » Removal of dust: Use a soft bristle broom to sweep the floor. Better still use a dry vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Should there be grime or dust stuck on the Marbre Oriental floor, clean the spot with fresh PH neutral water.
  » Mopping the Marbre Oriental Floor: Use a clean mop and clean water. The mop should be damp and excess water should be squeezed out. Frequently change the water. Repeated mopping will clean the Marbre Oriental floor.
  » Dry the floor till no moisture is detected. If water is allowed to remain for extended period of time, then water stains can occur. Use of Wet-Vac is strongly recommended.
  » Buffing: Use of a buffing machine fitted with wool or very fine pad is strongly recommended to buff the floor. Alternately, use a fine cotton dust mop to hand-buff the Marbre Oriental floor to a fine gloss.

Your Marbre Oriental floor is now ready to use.


          A beautiful Marbre Oriental floor needs simple, economical but regular maintenance. Your Marbre Oriental floor will look clean and fresh for years to come.

Routine Maintenance

  » Strongly recommended that a good quality floor-mat should be installed at the entrance. The floor-mat will prevent dirt, grime and dust to enter the building.
  » Regular use of a good quality vacuum cleaner will remove the dried dirt and dust. Alternatively, clean sweep with a soft bristle broom.
  » Grime and dirt which get stuck to the floor should be spot cleaned with a PH neutral detergent. Harsh detergents and water soluble disinfectants should not be used to mop the floor.
  » If mopping becomes necessary, use a clean mop and water. The water should be thoroughly squeezed while mopping.
  » Dry the floor completely till no moisture is detected.
  » Buff to desired gloss.

Periodical Maintenance

After a few years of usage your Marbre Oriental floor can be re-polished to restore the original gloss.

  » Re-polish the Marbre Oriental floor as per the recommendation of your local marble maintenance professional.
  » Seal the pores, if developed using a good quality marble sealer.
  » Use a coating of a good quality marble-finish and buff the Marbre Oriental Floor.
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